Blacktip or Spinner Shark?

Blacktips and spinners are two very different species of sharks. Most anglers lack the knowledge to properly identify the unique characteristics between a blacktip and spinner shark.

Shark Anatomy

Please use this diagram as a reference to properly identify the different fins on a shark's body.

The anatomy of a sharks fins

Blacktip Shark

The anal fin of a blacktip is a single color (light grey). Blacktips usually have a much taller dorsal fin than a spinner shark. Another noticeable feature is the contrast of their skin color. A blacktip will usually have much stronger contrast in their skin color than a spinner.

Anal fin of a blacktip shark

Spinner Shark

The anal fin of a spinner shark has a "jet black" spot. Spinners have a smaller dorsal fin than a blacktip.

Anal fin of a spinner shark