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Over the years, the Blacktip Challenge has been featured in numerous media articles and stories.


Peter Buban is a big guy who has a big fish story to tell. While fishing in Palm Beach County recently, he felt a tug on the line. "We just saw the reel start screaming, and I jump, I put up my harness and I start to fight the fish and I realize it's going to be a huge fish!" With the help of his friends... Read More

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February 2014 by James Wieland

Sun Sentinel

Jorgensen is director of the Blacktip Challenge shore-based shark fishing tournament, which is working on the study with Nova Southeastern University and St. Mary's Medical Center. The tournament, now in its fifth year, is a catch-and-release activity, in which the sharks are tagged for... Read More

February 2013 by David Fleshler

Global Angler

Im Jahr 2008 veranstaltete Josh Jorgensen zum ersten Mal im US-Bundesstaat Florida mit ein paar Freunden die „1. Blacktip Challenge", gefolgt von der „2.Blacktip Challenge" im Jahr 2009. Bei beiden Events war die einfache Zielrichtung des Veranstalters, so viele und große... Read More

February 2011 by Peter Wahl

Sun Newspapers

For the second consecutive year, the Blacktip Challenge will take place Saturday through Feb. 13 from Vero Beach to Ft. Lauderdale. Blacktip Challenge creator and director Josh Jorgensen, from Windsor, Canada, got the idea for the tournament after experiencing the way some other land-based tournaments were run... Read More

February 2009 by Matt Stevens

Spiegel TV

Spiegel TV filmed this segment during the 2009 Blacktip Challenge... Watch Video

February 2009 by Karin Assmann